Terreti Bazaar

Nickname: Kolkata’s Small China Town

Location: Bentinck Street, Kolkata

Direction: From Central Metro Gate No. 5, walk along New CIT road for around 10 mins till Bentinck Street falls on your left. Landmarks include Pou Chong Brothers shop (falls on your right on New CIT road) followed by Sing Cheung Sauce Factory (falls on the left).

Time: 6 AM to 8:30 AM

Why it is famous? 

Terreti Bazaar is the city’s prime spot for authentic Chinese breakfast. From Momos to Dumplings to Meat Balls, you can offer your taste buds a variety of Chinese dishes without causing much damage to your pocket. The number of food stalls have been reduced to a remarkably small number over the past few years but all that’s left is still a small food heaven. However, you need to be an early bird to enjoy these delicacies as the food hub remains open till 8:30 in the morning. Catching the first metro is the fastest way to reach Terreti Bazaar.

Kolkata Diodes’ recommendation:

It’s best to hit the market as early as possible because there’s a constant crowd hovering around the lip smacking dishes. We strongly recommend tasting the Chicken Momo, Meat Ball Soup and Chicken Pie. All these three platters not only satisfy your cravings for authentic Chinese but also hypothetically take you to China. Keeping a few notes of hundred is enough to fill your tummy and brighten up your morning. Breakfast was surely never this good before!

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