Our Team


Sayan Roy

Founder, Blogger and Photographer of Kolkata Diodes. Sayan has an unquenchable love for his city that compels him to showcase its beauty in the best possible way. With substantial experience in blogging and a passion for writing, Sayan hopes to present Kolkata like no one has done till date.

Krittika Chakraborty

Co-Founder and Blogger of Kolkata Diodes. A travel enthusiast by heart, Krittika has a zeal for perfection which compels her to produce the best piece of text on a topic whenever she hits the road. Being a regular writer for several travel blogs, Krittika is undoubtedly the better half of the team.

Squirrel Bakshy

Biscuit-eater and Guardian of Kolkata Diodes. Mr. Bakshy has an imperishable loyalty towards the other two members of the team which compels him to protect this blog, at any cost. Having enough experience in robot and spam detection, Mr. Bakshy is the ultimate caretaker of the Diodes initiative.